Waterbury property approved for demolition

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Logan County District Board of Health members dealt with several blighted properties during their Wednesday afternoon meeting, including taking action to approve the demolition of one of the properties located in Waterbury. 

A Logan County parcel at the corner of Maple Street and Willow Avenue meets condemnation protocol, as it has a collapsing roof, no sewer connection service and is open to animal habitation. The owner, Dennis Kingery of Loveland, was not present for the demolition hearing. 

Washington Township trustees had requested the condemnation action, and will demolish the property at their cost.

Members also continued to discuss a a property at 8866 State Route 368, Huntsville, which has been vacant for about two years following the death of the property owner, Phyllis King. 

Neighbors to the property attended the meeting and also last month’s meeting to discuss their concerns about the fire and safety hazards that exist, noting that electrical service is still turned on to the home. 

The property reportedly contains black mold and is filled with solid waste, including cat feces, rotting food and an overflowing toilet. Health district inspectors also have found collapsing eaves and broken out windows on the home and the boat house.

“This is one of the worst properties that I have seen,” President Don Spath said. “The neighbors do not feel safe and it needs to be torn down.”


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