Vectren continues gas line replacement work

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Contract crews working for Vectren Energy Delivery have begun replacing gas mains and service lines in Bellefontaine as part of the company’s pipeline replacement program, a multiyear program to replace about 700 miles of bare steel and cast iron pipeline infrastructure throughout Ohio.

In Bellefontaine, more than $1.6 million will go toward retiring more than two miles of gas main and approximately 300 service lines in 2014.

Vectren intends to replace in total more than 18 miles in Bellefontaine over the next several years.

“To ensure the continued reliability of our natural gas pipeline systems and service, Vectren has undertaken a program to replace essentially all of our bare steel and cast iron pipeline infrastructure,” said Colleen Ryan, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio president. “These infrastructure enhancements are vital to meeting federal requirements and ensuring the safety of our system for decades to come.”