Woman goes to lengths to conceal identity

Allen County detectives seek help identifying mystery woman

LIMA — A woman determined to conceal her identity — she burned her fingertips so bad deputies were unable to obtain her fingerprints — appeared at her first Allen County court hearing Tuesday under the name Jane Doe.


The woman refuses to identify herself other than the name Julia Bay Wadsworth, which investigators believe is false. She has taken elaborate steps to conceal her identity, including fighting six correction officers in the jail during an attempt to take her DNA.

She has been in Ohio since February when a family she was living with in Florida sent her to Lima to take care of their 95-year-old mother. She had been caring for an elderly person in Florida who died and that family took her in for a few months, deputies said.

She had been in Florida since at least July 2013.

The woman came on the radar of detectives when the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles launched an investigation against her after she fraudulently obtained a state identification card. She used a birth certificate she fraudulently obtained from Maine along with some persuasion to get the Ohio identification card.

When deputies went to the home she was staying in Sherwood Park off Cable Road last month as the caregiver for a 95-year-old woman, she tried to run out the back door. She has been in the jail ever since refusing to identify herself, Baker said.

Every step along the way produced clues that continued to have detectives believing she is wanted for a serious crime somewhere.

Detectives searched her computer and found various Internet searches on how to conceal a person’s identity, the length of time federal investigators look for someone, if a heat source could kill her DNA, ways to destroy her fingerprints, every state’s procedure to obtain an identification card, obtaining a passport, about Russia and and how to get across the Bering Straight.

The woman said she had never been to school, never obtained a birth certificate or a Social Security number, never held a job and never paid taxes or filed a return, deputies reported.

During the BMV investigation she had agreed to allow the FBI to take her fingerprints, but showed up with an attorney and so much lotion on her hands she was asked to remove it to be printed. She claimed she had a skin disease, but when the agent asked her about it, she  walked away.

Information on her computer shows she obtained a GED diploma under a false name and excelled in her testing.

She said she was born Nov. 1, 1973.

She is being held on a charge of tampering with records, a third-degree felony.

Judge David Cheney set her bail at $50,000 cash and a pretrial for Tuesday. She can be held indefinitely if she’s not identified.

Anyone who may have information about the woman is asked to call (419) 993-1422.