Suzuka or bust


International Friendship Center travels abroad


Hands-on experiences await abroad for students from West Liberty-Salem, Bellefontaine and Benjamin Logan this week.

The International Friendship Center took a delegation of 12 students to Suzuka, Japan, today, for the first time in 10 years.

This is not the first time in 10 years the IFC has attempted to travel to Suzuka, Japan. Because of influenza outbreaks and the cost to travel, the trip has been canceled a few times throughout the 10 years.



Chaperones Vicci Elder, Vicki Rapp and Ryan Spath, along with local students Carrie Lesse, Jacob Farmer, Connor Hill, Trevor Powers, Nicole Taylor, Rachel Mears, Abbi Adelsberger, Josh Mears and Caitlyn Shumaker are traveling to Suzuka, Japan, this week. Follow Mr. Spath on twitter at jst_2014 to keep up with the trip. They return July 29. (PHOTO | VICCI ELDER)


“I think the fact that we have reached the 10-year mark really made them (the IFC) push to go,” said Ryan Spath, an Indian Lake High School graduate who lives in Findlay.

Mr. Spath, a Findlay University graduate who minored in Japanese studies, is accompanying the group as a chaperone and interpreter, and is paying his own way.

“Having been a student who had to pay for this trip before and knowing the students would have to pay (extra) was unsettling for me,” said Mr. Spath. “It’s one way of giving back.”



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