FEMA grant to fund new Macochee squad

A large federal grant will fund a new squad for the Macochee Joint Ambulance District.

About $146,000 allocated by way of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants program, an initiative of the Federal Emergency Management Program, will pay for a modern ambulance vehicle.

The new ambulance will replace the district’s oldest ambulance unit, a 1992 model that doesn’t meet current safety standards, according to Macochee personnel.

Once the district places the new grant-funded ambulance in service, a 2007 model will be refurbished. While it is a newer model, the 2007 ambulance fails

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 to meet most safety existing safety standards, and has a long history of mechanical issues.

“The end result will be that district crews and their emergency patients will have two safe, reliable ambulance units,” according to a Macochee release.

The Assistance to Firefighters grant is a FEMA program that provides financial assistance to fire departments and EMS agencies to ensure the safety of America’s first responders through the acquisition of safe, modern emergency vehicles.