Crews to begin courthouse removal

Rehabilitation of the Logan County Courthouse will take visible steps forward in the coming weeks.

Construction on a replica of the clock tower has begun at Midstate Contractors Inc.’s Marion headquarters, while crews here are preparing to rip off the front section of the courthouse roof.



Craftsmen at Midstate Contractors Inc. have begun fabrication of the first section of the Logan County Courthouse clock tower. The replica will be installed, section by section, in the coming months. (PHOTO | MIDSTATE CONTRACTORS INC.) 


“There are basically three sections to the roof,” Logan County Commissioner Tony Core explained. “There is the front section that runs to the first set of chimneys; another section that runs between the chimneys; and then the back section.

“Midstate has already removed portions of the roof as they’ve been preparing for the new tower. Its truss system is relatively easy to replace.”

“There are also some economies of project costs by doing it now,” Commissioner John Bayliss added.

A June 29, 2012, windstorm lifted the 40-ton, 70-foot high tower off its base. Midstate has been the contractor in charge of removing and rebuilding the structure section by section.

The cost of the tower project and relocating the courts to the former Carnegie Library at Main Street and Sandusky Avenue is more than $4.5 million, all covered by the county’s insurance.

It was determined soon after the tower was removed that the courthouse roof was failing because of its age.


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