A million points of courthouse

Odd paper signs and devices attached to and around the Logan County Courthouse on Friday were part of a project to electronically record the historic building and its surroundings.



Tim Stamper, a 3D laser scanning technician with truescan 3D High Definition Surveying, explains a bit about his work Friday around the Logan County Courthouse as co-worker Cody Schanfish makes notes of the precise work. Data from the visit could be used by Midstate Contractors Inc. to develop

3D models of the historic structure. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)


A crew from truescan3D High Definition Surveying were in town to collect a “point cloud” which can be used to create three-dimension models for project planning and historic records.

Midstate Contractors Inc. has been heading up the tower renovation project at the courthouse and is working on plans to renovate the rest of the building which was constructed between 1870 and 1872.

The Marion firm hired truescan3D to record data from outside the building. 

Brian Elbe, a team manager for truescan3D, said the Cincinnati-area firm is one of a few in the country that provides 3D laser scanning services.

Crews have already recorded images of the interior, particularly of the original courtroom ceiling.

This data could be used later to recreate the shapes and moldings in the ceiling.

Mr. Elbe said the scanning process records thousands of points at each setting.

“Basically, as the system is cycling, it is recording points that the laser hits,” he said. “Those recordings become part of a ‘point cloud’ which can be used to make a model.”


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