Cow on the catwalk

100th anniversary of OSU Extension Education recognized


Tweens Tops — Malaina Jenkins, 10, of Quincy,
received an outstanding rosette Tuesday for her Tops For Tweens entry in the Junior Fashion Revue.

While livestock of many shapes and sizes is a common sight in the Logan County Fair show arena, another animal of sorts made her debut on the fashion runway Tuesday evening during the Senior Fashion Revue.

Taking careful steps onto the stage at the Junior Fair Activities building was Rita Winner, 17, modeling a two-person cow costume with the help of her friend Ella Jackson, 17. Rita’s Creative Costumes entry received a first-place rosette for the category.

The DeGraff area resident said her idea to create the cow, whom she calls “Belle,” was spurred by her family’s search for a mascot for their dairy farm.

“For several years now, we’ve wanted to have a costume that we could use for our dairy tours and also for our annual barn dance,” Rita said.

“We’ve been looking into buying a mascot costume, but some of the ones we were finding cost upwards of $2,000,” her mother, Renee Winner said.

So the 17-year-old set to work recently to create a more affordable option with materials that she found at her disposal. She used black and white furry fleece to create the cow’s body, and the inside of the piece was structured with PVC piping, chicken wire and an item she found at Goodwill — crutches.

Both Rita and Ella wore backpacks, also purchased at Goodwill, to carry the cow costume. They also wore white furry fleece pants to complete the ensemble.

“Belle came together after about a month or so of work, and we’re very happy with how she turned out,” Rita said. “She’ll be a part of our family’s farm now.”

Prior to the start of the Fashion Revue, Lauren Bowen from State Treasurer Josh Mandel’s Office presented a proclamation to Annie Davis, Ohio State University Extension educator, to recognize the 100th year of OSU Extension Education in the state. Ms. Bowen said she is traveling to various fairs around the state this summer to present the honor.


Senior fashion revue winners — First place winners in the Senior Fashion Revue Tuesday evening included, from the left, seated: Alli Knapp, 13, of DeGraff, Clothing For Middle School; Kasandera Knief, 18, of Lewistown, Dress Up Daywear and Embellishment; Allison Knief, 18, of Lewistown, Outer Layers; Alexa Klingler, 16, of DeGraff, Accessories; Kelsie Blair, 18, of Bellefontaine, Clothing For Your Career; and standing: Ruth Winner, 15, of DeGraff, Sew For Others, with her brother, Orville Winner, 6; Carrie Robb, 15, of Bellefontaine, Clothes For High School; Maggie Henry, 14, of Lakeview, Active Sportswear; Lindsey Hall, 17, of Bellefontaine, Loungewear; Paige Marmon, 17, of Quincy, Dress Up Formal Wear; and Rita Winner, 17, of DeGraff, Creative Costumes.

Also in the Creative Costumes category, another “Belle” was part of the competition, as Kyndra Strayer modeled her Belle costume from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Her full-length gold-colored gown featured off-the-shoulder sleeves and she carried a single red rose.

In other results from the Senior Fashion Revue, Quincy resident Paige Marmon received the best overall total look award out of all of the first-place category winners for her Dress Up Formal Wear entry.

She created a teal formal gown out of taffeta with a modified mermaid skirt that features rosette details at the bottom.


LEFT: Winners of the Sew Fun category in Tuesday’s Junior Fashion Revue included, from the left, Samuel Knight, 10, of DeGraff; Hannah Marlow, 9, of Huntsville; and Stephanie Altstaetter, 9, of Bellefontaine. Also pictured at the right is DeGraff resident Lauryn Sanford, 11, who received a rosette for her Sundresses and Jumpers entry. She holds a Sew Fun winning entry submitted by her friend, Rachel Knight. RIGHT: Huntsville residents Hannah Marlow, and Emma King, both 9 years old, received outstanding awards Tuesday in the Fun With Clothes category of the Junior Fashion Revue. FRONT PAGE PHOTO: Rita Winner of DeGraff models a cow costume Tuesday that she created for the Creative Costumes portion of the Senior Fashion Revue. Her friend Ella Jackson also was part of the two-person costume. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | MANDY LOEHR)

“I’m planning to wear the dress to my senior prom at Riverside High School this year,” the 17-year-old said.

The best overall constructed garment award out of all of the Sew Well Done winners was presented to Lewistown resident Allison Knief for her Outer Layers entry, a purple winter coat.