First time steer competitor, birthday boy take top honors in Born and Raised show

A first-time steer competitor and a young man celebrating his birthday took home top honors in Tuesday night’s Born and Raised in Logan County steer show.


Grand Champion Born and Raised — Jackson Grimes


Reserve Champion Born and Raised — Kyle Ackley

Jackson Grimes, who wanted to experience the challenge of showing steers after having won past grand champion honors in the goat show, took home the grand champion honors for a steer bred on the farm of Shane Boysel and raised at the Grimes’ farm near Lewistown.

“I wanted to do this because it is a little more challenging than goats,” the 13-year-old said, noting that he did not enter the goat show this year because his animal was not quite ready for market.

It was one of two steers in the show. The second steer placed eighth overall.

Finishing with the reserve champion title was Kyle Ackley of East Liberty, who won the show last year in his first time showing steers.

But the win also marked the end an impressive day at the fair — a day on which he also celebrated his 18th birthday.

“It feels great,” he said after the show. “It’s fun and exciting (to have a birthday at the fair).”

Earlier in the day, Kyle won the grand champion gilt and reserve champion barrow in the Junior Fair swine show and he took home one of two first-place honors in the senior division of swine showmanship Monday evening.

“It’s just a great feeling,” he said of all the accolades.

Kyle’s steer was also purchased from the Boysel farm.

The event was judged by Quinton Keeran of Madison County, who said he particularly enjoys the born and raised competitions.

“Overall, the quality has been great,” he said of the show. “We got a chance to sort through some cattle here tonight that shows off the best of Logan County. The exhibitors and breeders should all be proud.”

King Feed and Supply presented each exhibitor a feed bucket.

Born and Raised results

Grand champion: Jackson Grimes; Reserve champion: Kyle Ackley; 3. Saul Boysel; 4. Kameron Schlumbohm; 5. Allison Knight; 6. Ashton Faler; 7. Dalton Faler; 8. Jackson Grimes

Class 1: 1. Kyle Ackley; 2. Allison Knight; 3. Elizabeth Deardurff

Class 2: 1. Jackson Grimes; 2. Jackson Grimes; 3. Kaitlyn Boberg; 4. Grace Deardurff; 5. Hannah Gross; 6. Kristen Young; 7. Troy Selhorst

Class 3: 1. Saul Boysel; 2. Ashton Faler; 3. Cameron Young; 4. Shelby Derr; 5. Haley Boberg; 6. Zach Yoesting

Class 4: 1. Kameron Schlumbohm; 2. Dalton Faler; 3. Justin Young; 4. Hannah Gantz; 5. Lucy Gantz