Jail sentence suspended for community service



An Alger man had the balance of his jail term suspended and traded for community service Monday in Logan County Common Pleas Court.

Christopher Lee, 26, was sentenced in April to six months in the Logan County Jail and ordered to pay court costs and attorney fees for aggravated menacing and assault. Combined with time previously served, the defendant has about six weeks left in his jail term, but instead was ordered to complete 120 hours of community service in lieu of completing his jail term.

The reason, the defendant reports, is because his current employer is relocating, and Mr. Lee needs to keep his job.

He’s been on work release during his stint in jail, and leaves the jail daily for construction work. The defendant has an active child support case, and is actively paying his obligations.

Child support payments are in jeopardy, though, if he loses his job, and the defendant said he’ll be unemployed if he’s forced to remain in jail.

Judge Mark S. O’Connor said the fact the defendant has a child support order is a big reason for him to remain employed, but he acknowledged the defendant’s remaining “debt to society.”

In addition to paying off his outstanding fines and court costs, the defendant has a year to complete his ordered 120 hours of community service.

If he fails, he’ll be returned to jail to complete the 47 days, the judge said.