Shafer subdued and lodged

A Bellefontaine man was Tasered twice during his arrest Wednesday for assaulting another man.



Raymond A. Shafer, 47, at large, was charged with assault, obstructing official business and resisting arrest after he was apprehended inside 316 S. Detroit St.

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department report he beat Bruce Mathews, leaving him with a bloody and swollen lip.

Officers arrived around 9:10 p.m. and spoke with the victim and neighbors. They observed the defendant enter the apartment building and later observed him inside with Sheryl Clifton.

Both appeared to be heavily intoxicated, police report.

Neither Ms. Clifton nor the suspect would answer the back or front door when officers knocked. Police could see the defendant through a window consuming beer and ignoring them. At times he would look directly at the officers.

The property owner, Robert Westlake, told police to force their way to arrest the suspect. They chose to go through the front entry as it was covered with thin plywood and the damage would be minimal to the structure.

All the while officers observed the defendant continuing to consumer cans of beer.

Police pulled back the plywood, entered the residence and Tasered the suspect as he aggressively walked toward them. The probe hit him in the chest and dropped him to the floor as he grabbed at the wires.

They were unable to subdue him during the five-second cycle and the officer deployed a second set of probes which again dropped him onto a mattress.

Officers successfully restrained the suspect and lodged him in the Logan County Jail.