Rescue 101 saving the day

After traveling 829 miles from Rock Rapids, Iowa, Rescue 101 arrived safely at the Indian Lake Joint Fire District in Russells Point with the help of Fire Chief Mark Gibson.

Rescue boat 2

Indian Joint Fire District’s new rescue vehicle, Rescue 101, front page photo, will be ready for action July 1 in Russells Point. The rescue boat, above, was purchased by the Indian Joint Fire District from the Orange Township Fire Department to help with rescue operations on Indian Lake. (EXAMINER PHOTO | HALEY COOPER)

The $325,000 rescue response vehicle was purchased with money from the local fire levy and will be ready for action July 1.

According to Mr. Gibson, Rescue 101 can “hold more things for rescue purposes,” such as air packs, personal protective equipment, fans, air bags, chainsaws, a cutter and spreader, and an electric PTO generator.

Mr. Gibson said the old rescue truck had a pull-out gas motor that they used to start an extraction process, while the new motor turns on with the push of a button and runs on electricity.

10 firefighters can fit in Rescue 101 and it will give the Indian Lake Joint Fire District more than 20 years of service.

“Our response time will probably stay the same, but we will be better prepared (with Rescue 101),” said Mr. Gibson.

The firefighters will also be more secure in their seats while riding to the scene of an accident as a result of the seat belts inside the rescue vehicle.

Once they arrive to a scene, it will be able to be completely lighted up, because of the new LED lights and work lights on both sides and rear on the truck, which are operated by a multiplex, a small control center in the front of the response vehicle.

“Everybody (the firefighters) is happy with it,” said Mr. Gibson. “We just outgrew the old truck because we are carrying so much more now.”


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