Teen charged with inducing panic



Jordan W. Scales, 18, of 105 S. Troy Road, Apt. B, was arrested Monday for aggravated menacing and inducing panic, officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department report.

He allegedly was a back seat passenger in a silver car and threatened several people outside 212 W. Brown Ave. around 2:25 p.m.

Witnesses claim he brandished a knife while another passenger brandished a small handgun.

The defendant was later apprehended at the First Lutheran Church soup kitchen, 208 W. Sandusky Ave., and was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

Teens found with stolen bicycle, alcohol

Three teens were arrested around 1:30 a.m. today after they were observed stealing a bicycle from 409 Garfield Ave.

Mason Fox, 14, of 204 Lawrence St.; Keith K. Irick, 14, of 316 Eaton St.; and Kody T. Roberts, 15, of 212 Evansville St., each was charged with delinquency theft, underage consumption of alcohol and curfew violations. Keith and Mason also were charged with possession of tobacco.

Officers soon located the suspects in the 100 block of Everett Street with the bicycle and apprehended bottles of alcohol, cigarettes and other contraband.

All three were released to parents.

Man faces domestic charge



Larry Yoakam, 32, of 1074 Heritage Court, was arrested Sunday for domestic violence.

Officers went to the residence after a relatives of April Yoakam advised police around 2:25 p.m. the couple’s children were filthy and the wife appeared afraid of the suspect.

She had a black eye, they told officers.

When asked, the victim told police she was struck Friday. The suspect admitted he had consumed alcohol against court orders and struck his wife.

He was lodged in jail.

Two lodged on intoxication charges

Jack L. Beair Sr., 54, of 228 N. Park St., was charged Sunday with public intoxication.

Neighbors told police he was driving a lawn mower around the area and his son had to physically restrain him from driving off in a pickup truck.

His family decided to leave and officers lodged him in jail for his safety.

• Gene A. Homan, 32, at large, was arrested Sunday for public intoxication. He was observed around 6:50 a.m. unsteady on his feet as he walked in the 200 block of west Sandusky Avenue.

Woman charged with assault

Stevi Renee McKee, 25, of 868 E. Sandusky Ave., Apt. 115, was charged Sunday with assault. She allegedly attacked a neighbor Jessica Lindauer, pulling the victim to the ground by her hair and hitting her several times.

Officers also talked to a witness who corroborated the victim’s account. There were visible injuries to Ms. Lindauer.

The suspect said she did not hit the victim and claimed she was struck by Ms. Lindauer.


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