Man lodged for domestic violence

David W. Turvey, 42, of 16098 N. State Route 235, Lot 33, Belle Center, was charged with domestic violence following an incident at his residence Thursday evening.



Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to his address about 11 p.m. after neighbors reported hearing a dispute and observed a woman run from the home.

Mr. Turvey’s estranged girlfriend, Mary Love, 30, said she returned home to the residence that evening and he reportedly became angry because she hadn’t made dinner for him.

Ms. Love said he then pushed her and choked her, and she had sustained an injury to her thumb.

Then when deputies arrived at the residence, Ms. Love said that the defendant had laid on her legs so that she couldn’t answer the door. Mr. Turvey denied the accusations of a physical confrontation.

He was transported to the Logan County Jail.