Harsh winter harms local strawberry crop

This year’s strawberry picking season has been anything but ideal after a harsh winter combined with recent wet and gloomy weather, local producers say.


Amy Todhunter of the North Lewisburg area and her son, Reid, 8, make their way back through the field at Wenger’s Produce with buckets of strawberries they picked Wednesday morning. A harsh winter and recent rainy weather have resulted in less-than-ideal conditions for strawberry plants, local producers say. (EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES)

“Half of our crop was lost this year because of the winter,” Kara Wenger of Wenger’s Produce said, noting that the farm has sold out of the berries they pick within hours.

That leaves little to go around for events like the Logan County Farmers’ Market.

“We don’t even have enough to sell here,” Ms. Wenger said. “We picked yesterday and will pick tomorrow and we could be sold out by 2 or 3 o’clock.”

Strawberry lovers, however, still can walk the fields like North Lewisburg area residents Amy Todhunter, her 8-year-old son Reid Todhunter and her mother, Diane Diehl who were hunting strawberries to make jam.

“Hopefully we’ll have enough for 40 jars — enough to get through the winter,” Ms. Todhunter said as the family wrapped up its berry picking on an overcast morning Wednesday.

“It’s a perfect day because it’s not so blazing hot.”

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