Logan County hits 5 of 6 targets in public record compliance

In Logan County, auditors requesting open records were given access to the documents they sought on the same day in five of six cases. In the sixth case, only partial or conditional access to the record was provided.

That is an improvement over 10 years ago when access to records on the same day was given in only three of six cases. In 2004, two cases were partially denied and in the final case, officials told the person making the request the document was not public although the list of documents being sought was selected by auditors because they are commonly considered public records.


Records such as these regarding the Tri-County Community Action Commission’s recent financial troubles are available for inspection and review by anyone, not just journalists. The Ohio Coalition for Open Government and Ohio media organizations recently conducted a statewide public records audit. The audit included electronic records requests in addition to in-person requests. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)