Woman faces theft charge

Heather L. Predmore, 29, of 219 S. Springhill St., was arrested Thursday for criminal trespassing, theft, possession of criminal tools and possession of drug abuse instruments.



Around 11:10 p.m., witnesses called officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department and reported a male and female were spotted entering vehicles in the 300 block of east Columbus Avenue.

Matthew D. Anderson ran after the suspects and detained the female suspect in an alley behind Hess Lumber, 300 E. Columbus Ave. The male suspect, identified as “J.C.” by the female defendant, was not located by officers in a sweep of the lumber yard.

Mr. Anderson told police he watched the female reach inside his car and remove his girlfriend’s wallet.

Officers recovered the stolen wallet from the suspect’s purse along with a pink bag containing three pipes for smoking crack cocaine, a tourniquet, a spoon, caps for hypodermic needles and other drug-related paraphernalia.

Also inside the purse was a large amount of loose change, three working cell phones, a flashlight police believe the suspect used to shatter windows and a pair of pliers.

She denied entering any vehicles or abusing drugs until she was transported to the Logan County Jail.

There, she admitted to abusing heroin 10 hours prior.

Police continue to investigate.