Work Incentive Program benefiting local office

Logan County Job and Family Services has invoiced the state of Ohio for more than $64,000 for money the agency is due by way of a state program designed to help welfare recipients find and keep work.

Susan Bailey-Evans, director of the local JFS agency,  reports Logan County has so far received about $16,500 through the Ohio Works Incentive initiative — a state program that provides money to local departments of job and family services whose clients have found and kept a job for milestones of 90, 120 and 180 days.

Logan County JFS is due another $64,500 from the state for incentives achieved between September and March.

So far, nine participants have reached 90-day incentive markers, and two others hit the 180-day milestone, according to information supplied by Logan County JFS.

None of the JFS clients has actually received any cash yet for keeping a job, Mrs. Bailey-Evans said, noting she must first ensure the program will continue as scheduled before monetary rewards can be promised to JFS clients.


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