Tri County, RTC finalizing public transit issues

The Tri County Community Action Commission and RTC boards of directors are working together to try to make the Friday switch in public transportation service providers as smooth as possible.

RTC has agreed to take over as the local transportation provider after the Ohio Department of Transportation found Tri County to be in default of their contract several weeks ago and gave them a deadline of June 5 to either resolve a variety of issues or cease being involved in public transit.

ODOT’s ruling and Tri County’s decision to give up the transportation program came after years of alleged financial mismanagement at Tri County have left the social services agency at the brink of bankruptcy.

“The Tri County Board would have liked to been able to resolve the financial issues that resulted in a grant default letter being issued from (ODOT),” Tri County Board President Al Evans wrote in a statement. “The board now realizes we will not be able to resolve those issues in the near future, therefore we have decided to request transition of Transportation for Logan County from Tri County CAC to another non-profit in the community.

“Tri County CAC, Logan County Commissioners, ODOT and RTC Employment Services are working together to assure a successful transition from Tri County to RTC. The Tri County Board and the RTC Board are working cooperatively to complete the required tasks to allow for a smooth transition.”


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