Day lodged for assault



Delbert K. Day, 27, address at large, was charged with two counts of assault following incidents Sunday evening in the Orchard Island area.

Officers of the Washington Township Police Department responded to 9028 Park St., Orchard Island, Lakeview, about 8:10 p.m. in reference to an assault. Russells Point Police officers also assisted with the call.

Outside that residence, the defendant reportedly had been involved in an altercation with Eric Oberly, 27, of 627 Cooper Ave., Bellefontaine.

Then, Mr. Day reportedly went up to the Park Street home, and the resident Tim Fidele, 51, told the defendant that he was not welcome there. Mr. Day allegedly picked up a piece of concrete and struck Mr. Fidele in the face, and then continued to assault Mr. Fidele inside the residence.

Indian Lake EMS responded to the scene and treated Mr. Fidele and Mr. Day. No one was transported.

The defendant was transported to the Logan County Jail. Washington Township Police report that this is the third time in the past month that Mr. Day has been arrested for causing an assault-related disturbance.