Man, girlfriend arrested for assaults

Officers of the Russells Point Police Department responded about 10 p.m. Friday to a report of multiple people fighting near a minivan on Main Street in the area of Indian Head Roadhouse, 509 W. Main St., in the village.





When officers arrived, the minivan was driving away from the scene toward Lakeview.

Officers initiated a traffic stop near Township Road 239 and found the minivan’s driver, Lance Wilson, 43, of Huntsville, “bleeding and visibly injured,” according to reports.

Mr. Wilson told law enforcement he was assaulted by one of the passengers in his vehicle and that once the vehicle was stopped the altercation moved outside onto the roadway. He provided police with the suspect’s description and direction of travel.

Police found the suspect, Dallas Red, 23, of Fairborn, walking near Lind and Main streets with his girlfriend, Brianna K. Mohler, 23, of Russells Point.

Mr. Red, who also was injured, claimed he struck Mr. Wilson out of self defense.

The men were treated and released by Indian Lake EMS.

Mr. Red was arrested after police talked to witnesses and performed a short investigation. He was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

Ms. Mohler, who reportedly was intoxicated and warned for disorderly conduct, was permitted to leave with a family member.

About a half hour later, officers of the Washington Township Police Department received a call from Ms. Mohler’s mother, Denise Arnold, who said her daughter was “out of control” and had assaulted her.

Officers responded to Point Place Apartments, 600 Lincoln Blvd, Russells Point, and attempted to arrest Ms. Mohler, who resisted and began kicking officers. Once in custody, the suspect kicked her mother while being escorted to the cruiser. She  began kicking inside the cruiser and had to be placed in hobble straps.

The suspect was taken to the Logan County Jail where she was placed in a restraint chair.

She faces charges of assaulting an officer, domestic violence, persistent disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Russells Point and Washighton Township officers were assisted by deputies of Logan County Sheriff’s Office.