BELLEFONTAINE BEAT: Motorist charged with OVI

BellefontainePolice patch

Kevin E. Chamberlin, 33, of 1145 Greenwood St., was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs after a 2:40 a.m. traffic stop today in the 800 block of south Main Street.

An officer of the Bellefontaine Police Department observed the suspect driving a car with one headlight out and initiated a stop. The officer said the motorist had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and had an odor of alcoholic beverage about him.

Field sobriety tests indicated he was impaired but he refused to submit a breathalyzer sample.

He was cited for the headlight violation and for not using a safety belt.

• John C. Brannan, 45, of 533 W. Auburn Ave., was arrested Thursday on a Union County warrant for non-support. He was transported to the county line and turned over to Union County Sheriff’s deputies.

• Jacob H. Smith, 32, of Urbana, was taken into custody Thursday on a warrant for failure to appear.

Television stolen from residence

Sharon Walden of Bellefontaine reported Thursday she discovered someone entered the south Hayes Street home of her mother and took a television set. It appears entry was made through a window.