Quincy discusses natural gas, 175th anniversary

The Village of Quincy Council discussed several local matters including the Legacy Pipeline project, the 175th anniversary plans and more at a recent meeting.

An extremely cold and snowy winter as well as the manager of Legacy Pipeline, Ed Fleeman being unable to participate has hampered breaking the ground and natural gas being in Quincy and DeGraff by the 2014-2015 heating season.

In order to have any chance of completing the project, it would need to be started by July. Thus, Bob Smith and Gregg Norris asked for an extension of one year to Legacy Pipeline to provide natural gas to the village residents. The agreement will end in June 2015 and the ground must be broken for the project or the contract will end for exclusive rights to Legacy Pipeline.

Plans for an ice cream social are still being made to celebrate 175 years of existence for the village of Quincy. A movie, cake, and ice cream are tentatively scheduled.


Read complete council news in Thursday's Examiner.
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