Man barges into home

BellefontainePolice patch

Kyle D. Herford, , of 120 1/2 N. Main St., was charged with domestic violence, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana and served a warrant for failure to appear around 6:35 p.m. Saturday.

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department were sent to 868 E. Sandusky Ave., Apt. 117, on a possible domestic dispute. He reportedly left but was spotted walking behind Hyland Hills shopping plaza, 870 E. Sandusky Ave.

He had a plastic bag with marijuana in a left pants pocket. He was belligerent with officers and corrections officers at the Logan County Jail throughout.

Andrea Greenbaum, who is the mother of the suspect’s two children, said he barged into the apartment, began yelling at her and shoved her several times. He also threatened to beat her, the victim and a witness reported.