Grand jury does not indict BMS teacher

A Logan County grand jury today declined to hand up an indictment charging a Bellefontaine Middle School teacher of any crimes following an investigation into allegations of the improper handling of a firearm, prosecutors from the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office report.

On April 9, a parent of a BMS student reported to the school district that a child had seen firearm in a BMS teacher’s vehicle in November. The teacher reportedly had a concealed carry permit.

Last month, Bellefontaine City Schools issued a statement about the investigation, stating that the parent reported the teacher “had conveyed and handled a firearm in a potentially unlawful manner.

“The parent’s statements indicated also that the conduct of the teacher in question had caused a student to be exposed in close proximity to the firearm in question,” the statement continued.

District officials said they immediately contacted the Bellefontaine Police Department.