Missing marijuana results in brawl


Washington Township Police responded Saturday evening to a report of a neighborhood fight on Orchard Island involving several individuals, including a mother and her 13-year-old daughter who were treated at Mary Rutan Hospital for minor injuries.

The dispute originated at 9028 Park St., Orchard Island, where a son of Tammy Clark, 46, 9868 Park St., was accused of stealing marijuana from another individual. Ms. Clark and her aforementioned daughter then became part of a fight that resulted in their injuries and summonses for assault and persistent disorderly conduct for Ms. Clark.

Anthony Peterman, 38, of 9704 Mauger Ave., Orchard Island, and Nicole West, 26, of 9028 Park St., also were charged with assault and taken to the Logan County Jail.

Russells Point Police, Logan County Sheriff’s deputies, Indian Lake EMS and Huntsville EMS assisted at the scene.