Girls plead against molester’s release



Two young sisters asked Logan County Common Pleas Judge Mark S. O’Connor to keep the man in prison who was convicted of molesting them.

“I don’t want this to happen to any other girl and I want to be safe,” the older sister, who is now 10, said Friday during a judicial release request filed by Timothy Showens.

“I agree with my sister, I don’t want him to hurt another girl like me,” the younger sister, now 8, said.

Judge O’Connor asked if the younger sister always agreed with her sister and she said, “only sometimes.”

Mr. Showens, 57, who would reside in Bellefontaine if released, was sentenced in August to four years in prison for two counts of gross sexual imposition.

The girls’ father also spoke on the family’s behalf.

“We would like him to serve his time so that the girls feel safe,” he said.

Judge O’Connor said he would rule on the matter but said one option is to continue the hearing until a later date and then consider sending Mr. Showens to a community-based correctional facility that is equipped to deal with sex offenders.


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McDonald Shawn


Man gets 30 months for burglary

Shawn McDonald, 37, of Huntsville, was ordered to spend 30 months in prison for a third-degree felony count of burglary. He was also ordered to pay $1,965 in restitution and the state agreed not to oppose a future judicial release request that would be contingent upon placement in the West Central Community Correctional Facility.