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Record-setting year inspires organizer to continue Doors of EnCOURAGEment project


ABOVE: Betty Pickering, left, and Katie Rychener admire a door painted by Indian Lake Middle School students in honor of their teacher Diana Brunner, who died of cancer in January. The door, which was one of three painted in Mrs. Brunner’s memory, will go on display in a memory garden at the school. FRONT PAGE PHOTO: Auctioneer Bill Prater throws up his hands as bidding begins Thursday evening in the Doors of EnCOURAGEment auction. (EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES)

Overwhelming support of this year’s Doors of EnCOURAGEment project encouraged the event’s primary organizer to keep the auction alive at least one more year.

Despite her previous apprehension about running an event past its lifetime, Melody Couchman said prior to Tuesday evening’s record-setting auction that she would continue the annual project that raises money for the Logan County Cancer Society.

“For those of you who got e-mails or saw it on Facebook, I said we were probably not going to do it again,” she told the large crowd that had gathered near the covered patio of the Shirk Building along west Chillicothe Avenue, which once housed a dry cleaning business.

“I don’t like to overdo an event, but this would be one of the few times Melody takes back her words. There will be doors next year as long as everything goes as planned.”

In its first two years, the event had raised a combined $62,000 and after advance contributions and sponsorships, only $16,000 was needed to break the $100,000 mark.

But it didn’t take long for records and the $100,000 goal to fall. By the end of the auction, this year’s event had generated about $45,000, bringing the three-year total to roughly $107,000. The Doors project raised $27,000 in its first year and $35,000 in its second.


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