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West Liberty Village Council: Salaries and wage ordinance approved

West Liberty Village Council on Monday in a regular meeting approved its 2014 pay scale for village employees, which will include an additional full-time officer for the police department.

Purchase of a new dump truck and police cruiser were also approved.

The pay scale ordinance, which council approved on second-and-final reading, documents salaries and hourly wages for village employees and dictates from which accounts those wages are paid.

As part of council’s annual appropriations, 4 percent raises for Chief of Police Shane Oelker and Street Superintendent Phil Holycross were approved earlier this year.

Chief Oelker’s salary is $46,897.13 per year. Mr. Holycross will be paid $41,776.80 annually.

A full-time patrol supervisor’s position for the police department is paid $17.30 per hour.

Among action taken Monday by council, Brandon McCain was approved as a full-time officer in the police department at a rate of $12.25 per hour.

Chief Oelker called the money designated to pay for the addition of another full-time police officer, “a transfer of funds” within his budget. He said the cost is actually cheaper to the village to hire one additional officer to keep a full-time schedule, than to try and staff the hours between his eight part-time officers.

He also addressed a misunderstanding from some residents that believe the additional full-time police officer is funded with revenue from the 1 percent village income tax enacted last year.

“That’s not the case,” he said.


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