GOOD MORNING, GOOD NEWS: City resident pleasantly surprised by generosity of restaurant patrons

A Bellefontaine resident was dining Saturday evening, April 5, at the Liberty Gathering Place, 111 N. Detroit St., West Liberty, when she was surprised by the generosity of kind strangers at the restaurant.  

Marcella Neeld said she and a friend had stopped for dinner on their way home from Springfield and Urbana that day. When they asked their waitress for their bill, they were surprised to learn that another pair had already paid for their meal.

“The waitress told us that a couple sitting by the window had paid for our bill on their way out the door,” Mrs. Neeld said. “Since they had already left, we weren’t able to thank them in person.”

The waitress wasn’t sure of the names of the two individuals, so Mrs. Neeld made a special request to her.

“I told our waitress that if the couple ever comes back in, please tell them we really appreciated it. It was a nice surprise and such a kind thing to do.”