Mayor Brannon appears at news conference targeting heroin epidemic

Mayor AdamBrannon head


Bellefontaine Mayor Adam Brannon appeared Tuesday at a news conference with Adams County Commissioner Paul Worley and David Pepper, a Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General, to decry the ongoing heroin epidemic and suggest reforms.

Ohio should treat heroin abuse as a public health crisis by increasing prevention and treatment efforts and stiffening penalties for dealers, consequences that should include a homicide charge if an overdose results in death, Mr. Pepper said.

Mayor Brannon and Commissioner Worley said each of their communities has been ravaged by heroin.

Money from Ohio’s expanded Medicaid funding should be directed to addiction treatment, the candidate said, adding the state should also return local government dollars to communities dealing with the crisis.

Another proposal included creation of a multiagency task force including public health officials, community leaders and police to develop an anti-heroin strategy.