Lakeview following sewage district advice

Chris Clark of Logan County Pollution Control was in attendance for the Lakeview Village Council meeting Monday to urge village officials to participate in a storm water master plan for the Indian Lake area.

Russells Point, he said, has obtained a $10,000 Community Development Block Grant that will be matched by Indian Lake Pollution Control. Lakeview officials will seek the same from the Logan County Commissioners.

In other matters, council agreed to allow free garage sales on holiday weekends and determined a permit issued to the owners of Captain’s Point to construct a building on that property has expired and is null and void. No work was started on the project that was to take place in 2013.

The Logan County Solid Waste Management District has  increased price of the pay-as-you-throw trash bags, with rolls increasing from $10 to $12.50, beginning April 14.

The next meeting is at 7:30 p.m. April 21.


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