Toddler, mother reunited as woman learns of Marysville warrant

A mother, whose toddler was returned to her by police officers after the boy escaped the house, resolved an outstanding warrant Tuesday with Marysville Municipal Court.

Patricia Meyers, 35, of 328 Garfield Ave., told police she suspected her three-year-old son walked out the front door and closed it behind him about 1 p.m. while she read a book. She had put the boy down for a nap and thought he was asleep, according to a police report.

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Officers were made aware of a little boy wandering around the area of Pratt Street and eventually near the railroad tracks. Investigating officers found the mother frantically searching for her son outside 328 Garfield Ave.

After reuniting mother and son, police warned her of potential criminal charges, and she reportedly vowed to install a latch higher on the door, out of her son’s reach.

As officers prepared to leave, a check revealed the warrant from Marysville for failure to appear for a traffic offense.

Mrs. Meyers was afforded an opportunity to make bond because of child care concerns. Her husband reportedly posted the required bond for Marysville at the Bellefontaine Muncipal Court.

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