More details released about hold ups in natural gas installation

All American Energy Cooperative is releasing more details about what has held up installation of pipeline to supply 199 people in and around Rushsylvania and Benjamin Logan Schools with natural gas service.


This is a portion of the letter that was sent to about 199 members of the All American Energy Cooperative from near Rushsylvania that details why the project was not completed in time for winter. (EXAMINER PHOTO | NATE SMITH)

Affected natural gas co-op members received a letter this week from All American Energy that explains two major issues primarily responsible for pushing the project back past this heating season.

In November, crews from Wenger Pipeline of Dalton — the primary contractor for the project — had to shut down for several weeks because they didn’t know the location of sewer laterals from each commercial and residential property, according to the letter.

Crews would have had to bore blindly beneath the village streets, said Ed Fleeman, a spokesman for AAEC, and would have risked striking a buried utility line.

It’s also a violation of federal law to dig beneath residential streets without a map of all buried lines.

Nearly two months were spent utilizing underground camera equipment to locate each proper sewer lateral, and All American Energy paid for the cost to survey beneath the streets, Mr. Fleeman said.

“The time that was lost represents the time to survey each lateral and the additional time lost waiting for the contractor to return from another project,” according to the letter.


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