Camp Myeerah grand opening set for May 3

Tri-Moraine Audubon Society commits $6,000 donation

Bellefontaine publicly unveils the newest addition to its parks system next month with a grand opening ceremony staged in conjunction with a function put on by its primary benefactor.

A grand opening ceremony for Camp Myeerah, 7405 State Route 540, is set for 2 p.m. Saturday, May 3.

Members of the Bellefontaine parks’ board of trustees approved the date Tuesday in a regular meeting that also included approval of a facility/grounds rental fee structure.

Opening the camp up to public use coincides with the 35th annual Environmental Education Weekend hosted by the Tri-Moraine Audubon Society, parks superintendent Kris Myers said.


Tri-Moraine Audubon Society is donating $6,000 to the parks board — money to be spent on certain upgrades such as a new refrigerator for the kitchen and new tables.

Additionally, Mr. Myers said a private family trust connected with the local audubon chapter has committed upwards of $10,000 to upgrade kitchen appliances like the freezer and industrial range. That donation will also fund installation of a fire suppression system.

Such improvements are not required for the city to own and operate the facility, but does give it the option to petition for a commercial food license, Mr. Myers said.

Two separate lodges will be available to rent for parties or receptions.

Rental costs will be the same for both lodges and are $75 for up to four hours, and $15 for each additional hour on Monday through Thursday; and $150 for up to four hours, with a $25 per hour charge for each additional hour on Friday through Sunday.

A $150 deposit will also apply.

Groups renting out the lodge may be permitted distribute and consume alcohol to adults of legal drinking age, but would be subject to a $100 permit cost. The decision as to whether to allow alcohol on the premises must also be approved by city council.  

Overnight and weekend facility rentals are also available.

Shelter houses may be reserved at a cost of $30.

Mr. Myers said he’s already had numerous inquiries about renting the facilities for events such as graduation parties.


Read more about Tuesday's parks board meeting in Wednesday's Examiner.
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