Harrison Township voters will cast ballots at electric cooperative

Easton withdraws from state rep. race

Voters in Harrison Township will cast May 6 primary ballots at the Logan County Electric Cooperative, 1587 N. County Road 32, according to a measure approved Monday in a special meeting of the Logan County Board of Elections.

At issue are some $4,000 worth of handicap-accessibility upgrades required at the Logan County Engineer’s Office, the former polling place for Harrison Township voters.

A recent inspection conducted by Brett Harbage, the Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator for the state of Ohio, revealed the ADA non-compliance areas, including too narrow of parking spaces for handicap-modified vans, as well as not enough space for the main doorway to swing open so that a person in a wheelchair or other mobility device could clear the swinging door.

There are also issues with how steep the wheelchair ramps are, Mr. Harbage reports.

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office has made grant funding available to local municipalities for ADA upgrades. In this case, though, the state won’t offer any grant funding because a suitable polling place is available right across the road.

Harrison Township voters will vote at the co-op for the May 6 primary, and for future elections as well, the board reports.

At its regular meeting last week, board members had said they wanted to hold off voting to move the Harrison Township polling place until they were prepared to make a long-term commitment to the co-op as the polling location for that precinct.

Other action taken by the board of elections, included approval of a final ballot layout for the May 6 primary, which will not include the state Libertarian candidates for the offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

A protest was upheld at the state level to remove those names from the ballot because their petitions were improperly filed, the state of Ohio has ruled.

Lastly, Dave Easton has announced his intention to withdraw as a Constitution Party candidate for the 85th Ohio House Seat. Mr. Easton was running unopposed in the May primary and had been set to square off in November against the winner of a Republican primary.

The candidate’s name will still appear on the ballot, the board reports, as the deadline to get a name taken off a ballot because of candidate withdrawal has passed.

The next regular meeting has been moved to Monday, April 21.