Future of alumni association to be decided at Tuesday meeting

The Ridgeway/Ridgemont Alumni Association will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday to determine the future course of the organization that has been in existence for more than 70 years and whose membership is now dwindling. 

During the session at the Ridgeway United Methodist Church, the association will accept nominations for individuals to serve as president and vice president for the coming year. If no volunteers step up to fill these positions, a vote to close the chapter likely will be in order, secretary Marge Brielmaier said Monday.

"We've had a core group of about six of us who have been running the organization recently, and for various reasons, we don't have anyone available who'd be able to serve as president and run the alumni banquet, which usually would take place on Memorial Day weekend.

"This core group of members is aging and has various health issues and time commitments. It's been a struggle to keep it going this long."

Ms. Brielmaier said the group wanted to put a notice out to the public to see if they could recruit any volunteers to fill the president or vice president positions.  

"That would be wonderful if someone wanted to step up. We'd be happy to help in any way we could, and we'd help guide them along the way."

However, if no volunteers are found and a vote to close the chapter takes place, the organization would not host its alumni banquet in May. Also, its members would decide how to disperse the association's scholarship funds.

"We've been awarding $500 scholarships to graduating seniors for the past several years, and if we disbanded, we would vote to use the remaining funds for some kind of project to benefit the students at the school," said Ms. Brielmaier, a 1959 Ridgeway High School graduate.

The alumni association dates back to at least 1942, if not back to the 1930s, with banquets hosted each year. 

"We've been in existence for many, many years," the secretary said. "We had a 102-year-old teacher who we were trying to stay active for, and she just passed away in the past year."

Anyone who is interested in serving with the alumni committee also can call Ms. Brielmaier at 363-2675.