Suspected drug dealer arrested



A child welfare check yielded a drug-related arrest Friday afternoon.

Bellefontaine police were contacted about 1 p.m. from a concerned nearby resident who reported children crying and lots of foot traffic in and out of a residence at 816 Heritage Court Apt. 4.

Audric D. Clay, 27, of 793 Canonby Place, Apt. 2C, Columbus, was arrested and charged with possession of heroin and trafficking heroin, fifth-degree felonies; possession and trafficking of crack cocaine, third-degree felonies; possession and trafficking of Oxycodone, fifth-degree felonies; and for an outstanding warrant.

Officers initially learned of the active warrant, and drug task force investigators also responded because of the suspected drug activity. A search of the residence turned up a .22 caliber rifle similar to an AR-15 assault rifle, police report. The firearm reportedly was located beneath a coach cushion directly beside the door to the apartment.


Officers seized over $2,000 and a significant amount of drugs including marijuana, crack cocaine and heroin from a suspected dealer and drug trafficker Friday afternoon. (PHOTO | BELLEFONTAINE POLICE)

A loaded .25 caliber handgun was also recovered from a bedroom. Additionally, a significant amount of suspected crack cocaine and marijuana were seized along with smaller amounts of suspected heroin and Oxycodone pills.

Also seized was $2,501 in cash, digital scales, ammunition and the suspect’s cellular phone.

The suspect currently faces pending charges in Logan County from a weapons under disability arrest from last October.

Officers report the suspect is further wanted by Columbus authorities for possession of heroin and possession of crack cocaine.

The suspect was lodged in Logan County Jail.

The apartment’s tenant Shelly Neeld was reportedly caring for four small children, three of whom were asleep when officers arrived. Ms. Neeld was checked for warrants, but had none.

She described the suspect as a friend and said he was just visiting to help with the children. The case will be forwarded to Logan County prosecutors for review of potential charges against her.