Ice cream cake thieves sought

BellefontainePolice patch

Alert patrons helped provide a description of two suspects who teamed up to lift an ice cream cake from a freezer at Dairy Queen, 547 E. Sandusky Ave.

Officers were dispatched to that location about 3:45 p.m. by restaurant staff who reported the female and male suspects entered the store together and, as the woman lodged a complaint against the store to distract employees, the man removed a peanut butter cup ice cream cake valued at $22 from a freezer located just inside the east entrance to the store.

The male reportedly attempted to conceal the cake and make his way out an exit on the southwest corner of the store, witnesses told police. The couple reportedly got away in a mid-sized sedan vehicle with front end damage, light blue in color, according to incident reports.

Witnesses reported hearing the woman refer to the male at different points as “Chris” and “C-Love.”

The male suspect is described as five-feet, 10-inches tall and about 220 pounds with very short brown hair. The female was described as five-feet, six-inches tall, approximately 135 pounds. Both suspects were described as Caucasian.

Anyone with information should contact police, 599-1010.