Sex offender sentenced to community control



A defendant who admitted to downloading illegal images of naked children on his computer was sentenced this week in Logan County Common Pleas Court to probation and sex offender counseling.

Charles Adkins, 45, of DeGraff, was sentenced to three years’ community control, 80 hours’ community service, sex offender counseling and was ordered to pay court costs and a $150 fine for two counts each of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material, fifth-degree felonies; and pandering sexually-oriented material involving a minor, fourth-degree felonies.

He pleaded guilty to the four charges in January. In exchange, prosecutors dismissed 10 other charges that had been part of a Logan County grand jury indictment.

At a recent hearing, the defendant called his downloading of child pornography an “egregious mistake,” adding that he had later tried to delete the files from his computer so that no one from his family would find them.

In addition to registering his address in the county where he lives, part of the defendant’s Tier II registration requires him to register with the sheriff in the county where he works.


Defendant pleads to possession of child porn

Sex offender’s sentence continued

Other defendants sentenced this week were:



• Joshua Ross, 34, of Dayton: three years’ community control, a six-month driver’s license suspension, ordered to complete Project Cure and pay court costs for possession of drugs.

He will also be subject to a curfew between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The defendant told the court he’s been addicted to heroin for about 10 years and the Dayton-based Project Cure rehabilitation center is the most effective treatment he’s undertaken.

Mr. Ross has been living with his parents in Dayton, he said. He packed up and moved down there last fall, after his mother referred him to Project Cure. She’d heard about it from a mother of another addict, Mr. Ross said.

Despite his sentence to community control, the defendant was arrested after the hearing and remains in Logan County Jail today for unpaid fines and costs from previous cases.

• Joyce Kuhn, 67, of Huntsville: three years’ community control, 40 hours’ community service and ordered to pay court costs and restitution in the amount of $43,990.37 for theft from the elderly.

“I don’t believe there’s a person in this room that believes you can pay that back in your lifetime,” Judge Roger Wilson said.

• Jennifer Swingley, 34, of Bellefontaine: three years’ community control, 100 hours’ community service and ordered to pay a $50 fine, court costs and restitution for forgery; and

• John Zimmerman, 41, of DeGraff, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs and was sentenced to three years’ community control, a six-month driver’s license suspension and ordered to pay a $50 fine and court costs.

Others pleading guilty were:







Matthew Fisher, 45, of Bellefontaine: possession of drugs; Jason Brandon, 29, of Springfield: possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs; Jerry Nelson, 29, of Bellefontaine: passing bad checks; and Taish Wellnitz, 34, of Zanesfield: assault.

Presentence investigations were ordered and those defendants will be sentenced April 14.

Wade Clem, 31, of West Liberty, pleaded guilty to burglary, and will be sentenced April 21, following a presentence investigation.