Sex offender’s sentence continued



Sentencing of a man convicted of four charges related to child pornography was continued Monday in Logan County Common Court after the judge learned the offender hadn’t yet told his employer of his legal troubles.

Charles Adkins, 45, of 9096 Township Road 71, DeGraff, is labeled a Tier II sexual offender after having pleaded guilty to two counts each of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material, fifth-degree felonies; and pandering sexually-oriented material involving a minor, fourth-degree felonies.

Whether the defendant goes to prison, or is afforded community control could hinge upon his employer’s reaction to charges, visiting judge Roger B. Wilson said.

The defendant said he’s employed through an Oklahoma-based contracting company to work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base maintaining and repairing biomedical equipment at the base hospital.

The defendant told the court he has an honorable discharge after seven years’ service in the Air Force and had been stationed first in California and later at Wright-Patt, working on hospital equipment.

But the judge seemed surprised when he asked Mr. Adkins what his employer thought of his felonies and the defendant answered that he hadn’t told his supervisors of his charges.

Judge Wilson continued the sentencing hearing for one week and told Mr. Adkins he was to obtain from his employer documentation stating whether or not his employment was likely to continue following disposition of the case.

“And I don’t mean a document that you go home, produce and bring back,” Judge Wilson said, “but a viable document,” that outlines the defendant’s employment prospects given that he’s now convicted of four sex-related crimes.

Logan County Prosecutors are recommending prison for the defendant.

Defense is asking for community control. Mr. Adkins pleaded with the court to spare him prison so that he can help his family through what is currently a trying time financially.

The defendant has no prior felony record, and appeared for all his hearings, attorney Daniel Bennett said.

The defendant called his downloading of child pornography an “egregious mistake,” adding that he had later tried to delete the files from his computer.

He pleaded guilty to the four charges in January. In exchange, prosecutors dismissed 10 other charges that had been part of a Logan County grand jury indictment.

In addition to registering his address in the county where he lives, part of the defendant’s Tier II registration requires him to register with the sheriff in the county where he works, Judge Wilson said.

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