Roadside parking reduction to help semi trucks

Motorists looking to park in or around downtown West Liberty will be afforded two fewer parking spots as village council looks to ease the congestion and traffic flow, especially for tractor-trailers negotiating the intersection at U.S. Route 68 and State Route 245.


Two parking spaces on the north side of State Route 245 adjacent to 101 N. Detroit St., West Liberty, (above) will be eliminated effective April 1 to make more room for eastbound semi traffic. Crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation will move the median line over about seven feet later this year. (EXAMINER PHOTO | NATE SMITH)

Effective April 1, two parking spaces along eastbound S.R. 245 on the north side of the road will be eliminated so that the median line may be moved over about seven feet, making more room for semis to turn onto S.R. 245.

West Liberty Village Council have approved the ordinance on second reading only, and the measure will receive another vote at council’s next meeting.

That intersection is frequently the site of fender-bender accidents, village clerk Cindee Boyd said, as drivers facing westbound on S.R. 245 will sometimes attempt to back up and/or move over for wide-turning, 18-wheelers heading east.

Parked cars trying to exit one of those two spots nearest the intersection adjacent to 101 N. Detroit St. only complicate matters further, Ms. Boyd said, adding the Ohio Department of Transportation conducted its own study to determine that eliminating the parking spaces would reduce accidents in that area.

ODOT will move the median line over later this spring, Ms. Boyd said.