Local woman’s book devoted to improved life



The soap she found was detailed in The Divine Method: Growing Your Faith as You Sit at the Feet of the Savior, a book written by Wayne Cordeiro and given to her by a friend.


The cover of a new book by Sally Stierhoff includes a testimonial from Tim Reeves, pastor of the Middleburg United Methodist Church, where the author is a member.

Soap is an acronym for the author’s “amazing Bible study” that stands for scripture, observation, application and prayer.

“It started making a change in me,” Mrs. Stierhoff shared. Using this method, she discovered a relevance in her journey with the Lord. “Half the time (before adopting the SOAP method) it would fly out of my head. With it, it starts speaking to you.”

It was that journey that led the latent writer to begin thinking about penning a daily devotional using the SOAP method.

“A lot of stuff began revealing itself to me,” she said. “The title came to mind.” Admitting she fought the directive for about six months, and when she stopped fighting it “came really easily.”

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