Commissioners issue statement on Scioto Wind Project

EDITOR’S NOTEThe Logan County Commissioners have issued the following press release, shown verbatim, concerning what they have labeled as “misunderstandings” regarding the proposed Scioto Wind Project development:


Logan County Commissioners, from left, Tony Core, John Bayliss, and Dustin Wickersham.

Our office has received a number of comments regarding the proposed Scioto Wind Project. We wanted the opportunity to clarify misunderstandings and explain to your readers the involvement our office has regarding the proposed wind development.

The Logan County Commissioners do not have the authority to grant or deny any wind project. The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) reviews all proposed wind development projects and has the sole authority to grant or deny any wind development project.

If the project is approved by the OPSB, the wind development company may choose to apply to the Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) for a payment in lieu of taxes. The Director of Development is required to forward a copy of that application to the Board of County Commissioners of each county in which the project is located and to each taxing unit in the affected area.

The Board of Commissioners, upon receiving a copy of an application from ODSA, has a period of 30 days in which to adopt a resolution to approve or reject the application. The board may request a longer period of time to review the application at the discretion of the Director of Development. If after the allowed time period the Board of County Commissioners has taken no action, the request for the payment in lieu of taxes is denied.

To date, the Scioto Wind project has been submitted to OPSB and the wind developer is waiting for OPSB’s final decision. It is our understanding that the developer plans to apply to ODSA for a payment in lieu of taxes, if the project is approved by the OPSB. We have not granted or approved any payment in lieu of taxes for any wind turbine project. In fact, no request for tax exemption or payment in lieu of taxes has been filed with us. If and when we receive a copy of the application from the ODSA, we will seek input from other local taxing entities including townships and school districts. Our office will plan to hold a public meeting, where we will hear public input about the proposed payment in lieu of taxes.

Even if we do receive an application for payment in lieu of taxes and it is denied, the wind developer would still be able to build the wind turbines. It may be less likely, but by no means does it prevent the wind turbines from being built.

There are Logan County citizens on both sides of this issue. We are always willing to meet and listen to citizen concerns. Our office can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone 937-599-7283.

Thank you,

Logan County Commissioners Tony Core, John Bayliss and Dustin Wickersham