UPDATE: Deputy faces OVI charge after crash

Robinson Tony


A veteran Logan County Sheriff’s deputy was charged Tuesday with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs after a two-vehicle collision at Saxon Drive and Main Street.

Sgt. Tony Robinson, 54, of Bellefontaine, also was cited for failure to yield.

Chief Deputy Col. Randy Dodds said the deputy was placed on paid administrative leave per departmental policy.

There will be an internal review of the incident to determine departmental discipline. Col. Dodds said the discipline will be separate from and could come after any judicial sanctions resulting from the charges.

Sgt. Robinson has been with the department for 22 years and prior to that served in the Bellefontaine Police Department and part-time with the sheriff’s office.

Col. Dodds said he cannot recall any disciplinary issues with the sergeant in recent years. He described him as a level-headed third-shift supervisor who knows when to ask for help.

Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department were called to the crash scene around 9:30 p.m..

They arrived and observed the defendant outside his pickup truck. He advised officers that he drove from Saxon onto Main and was struck.

Officers report he was unsteady on his feet and leaning against the vehicle for support. He admitted to consuming alcohol earlier.

He refused to take any field sobriety tests or submit a breathe or urine sample.

During conversations, officers reported his speech was slurred and there was an odor of alcohol about him.

His driver's license was suspended per state law for refusing to submit a breathe test. He was taken to the Logan County Jail and given a court date for Thursday.

The other vehicle — a sport utility vehicle — was driven by Cris E. Coy, 50, of Huntsville. He was southbound when Sgt. Robinson pulled from the drive.

Damage was heavy to the vehicles.