Repeat offender faces charges following domestic dispute



A rural Bellefontaine man was charged with a number of offenses, including domestic violence, drug abuse and felonious assault, following incidents that began at his home Saturday and continued Sunday night.

Scott D. Phillips, 37, of 2397 County Road 18, was lodged in the Logan County Jail Sunday. He previously served four years in prison after a domestic incident in Bellefontaine during September 2003.

About 5:45 p.m. Saturday, deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office met with his wife, Angela Phillips, 35, at the sheriff’s office in reference to a domestic dispute.

She reported that she had been assaulted by her husband at their residence earlier that day. The pair reportedly began arguing because she had wanted to drive to Van Wert to pick up one of her children.

During the argument, he allegedly grabbed her by the throat and threw her down on the floor. He then attempted to strangle her with the collar of her shirt and picked her up and threw her on a sofa.

The defendant then reportedly grabbed the electrical cord of a sweeper and wrapped it around her neck. Mrs. Phillips began pleading with her husband to let her go and he did.

She then attempted to flee the residence and Mr. Phillips allegedly grabbed her and threw her back inside the house. She said he made threats to kill her as he forced her back inside.

According to Mrs. Phillips, her husband offered to drive her to Van Wert. She went to a neighbor’s driveway when she saw someone plowing out the driveway, but she eventually got in the vehicle with her husband and left for Van Wert.

Once in Van Wert, they stopped at a restaurant and Mrs. Phillips stated that she attempted to flee from her husband. A struggle ensued inside the vehicle until passersby helped her escape.

The defendant left the restaurant driving their vehicle, and deputies were unable to locate him Saturday evening.

About 7:10 p.m. Sunday, deputies checked the Phillips residence and found a note that he had left for deputies. Deputies received permission from Mrs. Phillips to enter and check the residence.

She reported that her husband had attempted to contact her and other family members via texts and that he had threatened to harm himself.

When deputies attempted to enter the residence, they found that the doors had been barricaded shut. Once they were able to gain entry, they discovered that Mr. Phillips was inside and had locked himself in a bedroom.

He then told deputies that he was going to harm himself. Deputies attempted to force entry through the door and could observe Mr. Phillips with a bottle of prescription medication in his hand. A taser was deployed to subdue him.

After a brief struggle, deputies were able to take him into custody. He was treated at Mary Rutan Hospital and then was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

He also was charged with resisting arrest and persistent disorderly conduct. Charges are pending against the defendant in Van Wert County also.

During the 2003 incident, Mr. Phillips held his estranged wife at gunpoint while officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department surrounded the scene at 219 W. Williams Ave. He allowed a relative to remove two young children from the scene and eventually surrendered peacefully.

A law enforcement officer and dispatcher prior to the first incident, Mr. Phillips was sentenced for kidnapping and related charges.