Cold weather car tips

Recent frigid temperatures have not led to a spike in appointments for local auto repair shops but mechanics are seeing repair typical of cold-weather months.



Mike Kerns at Tri-Point Service Center, 1213 W. Sandusky Ave., works on a motor replacement Friday. Mechanics in the area are seeing a typical volume of cold weather related repairs such as battery replacements, damaged suspension components and oil pressure issues. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST )


“We’re not seeing anything out of the ordinary,” said Ben Bickham of Tri-Point Service Center, 1213 W. Sandusky Ave. “We’ve had to replace a lot of control arms because customers slide on the slick roads and hit a curb.”

Bob Jacobs of Jacobs Auto Repair, 140 Dowell Ave., said batteries are the number one cold-weather issue for his customers followed by thermostats.

“Cold weather like this exposes the problem,” he said. “Customers will get in, start up the car and it never gets warm.

“More than likely the thermostat should have been replaced months ago but they didn’t notice any problems until now.”

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