GOOD MORNING, GOOD NEWS: Stranger picks up cell phone

Bill Knippen appreciates the kindness of a stranger following an incident Thursday.

The retired International Harvester worker discovered his cell phone was missing about 2 p.m.

He had spent the morning in Bellefontaine and had been at Kroger and at Wal-Mart, he reported.

After searching his house in vain for the phone, he used his wife’s phone to dial his number and headed outside to his truck. He thought maybe he had misplaced the phone in the vehicle and he would be able to hear it ringing.

He never got a chance to look inside the pickup, because he heard the phone ringing before he opened a door.

The phone was in the bed of his truck. He surmised he had knocked it off its belt holder getting in or out of the vehicle and it had been on the ground beside the door of the truck.

“Some kind Good Samaritan picked it up and couldn’t put it in my locked truck, so they put it in the bed instead,” he said.

“I had given up finding it,” he explained about the phone, which he only makes calls with. “I don’t text or anything,” he said, but he “greatly appreciated” the kind gesture and wanted people — and hopefully the “kind Good Samaritan” — to know about it.

“I was pleasantly surprised.”