Abortion survivor shares story of triumph

Hi Point Women’s Center looking to expand


Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion in 1977, speaks Tuesday evening to nearly 400 attendees at the Sanctity of Human Life Dinner hosted by the Hi Point Women’s Center at the Bellefontaine First Church of God. (EXAMINER PHOTO | MANDY LOEHR)

Melissa Ohden spent her growing up years in Iowa with a loving adoptive family, unaware of a secret that later would be the cause of much heartache, but also would help direct a burning passion in her life.

It was during her teenage years when her older sister faced the turmoil of an unplanned pregnancy that a young Mrs. Ohden learned the awful truth — that she was a survivor of a saline infusion abortion that had been forced upon her biological mother in 1977.

“All I had known growing up was love,” she said. “I was so crushed. In my heart, I knew that God saved me for a mighty purpose.”

Today, Mrs. Ohden travels the country to share her emotional and powerful story, and Tuesday evening, she was the featured speaker at the Sanctity of Human Life Dinner, attended by nearly 400 people at the Bellefontaine First Church of God.

The banquet that included a free meal was hosted by the Hi Point Women’s Center, 110 N. Detroit St., a life-affirming, non-profit organization that provides practical assistance to women facing an unplanned pregnancy or the threat of an abortion.

“If only my mother would have had a place to turn to 36 years ago like the Hi Point Women’s Center, things would have been very different for our entire family,” the speaker said. “That’s why we’re here tonight, to spare other women that feeling that my mother had.”

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