Governor’s action should help with propane shipments

Gov. John Kasich’s action to free over-the-road deliveries of bulk propane will help get fuel to local distributors more quickly, according to Dave James, president of Heiby Oil Co., 1020 S. Detroit St.

“Before the shortages began, I could place an order on Monday and have it delivered by Tuesday,” he said. “Now it’s Wednesday and more likely Thursday before it comes in.”

That delay, in turn, hampers Heiby’s efforts to get propane to his customers.

Mr. James said “a perfect storm” of high foreign prices, a wet corn harvest and an early cold winter have created the shortage.

“As a nation, we’re producing record amounts of propane, but a lot of it is going out in exports because the world markets are paying more than the U.S.,” he said.

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